June 18, 2017

Baby Driver: Return of the Heist

The Outline   Feel free to write notes on this chalkboard! What makes a good heist film? There have been many heist films over the centuries. Wikipedia counts over 280 commercial releases,
May 22, 2017

Everybody Wants To Be Poppy

I personally have a soft spot for media that deals with the meta , recursive or subversive. Pop star That Poppy ticks all three of those boxes. This is my newspaper place-line. (more…)
May 13, 2017

The Health of the NHS IT

Below is a clean breakdown of the WannaCry ransomware that plagued the NHS and UK news outlets in May. Below is an "idiot's guide". For a lengthier and detailed report of this ransomware, it's global impact
May 3, 2017

Vitiligo: How to look 20 until 50

This article takes an indepth look at a specific symptom of the Vitiligo skin condition. Quoting complex Medical Papers and Journals, I hopefully explain the consistent youthful appearance of Vitiligo
April 2, 2017

Writing Prompt

You, a young scientist have discovered time travel. You think it would be a great idea to go to medieval times, share your knowledge and become king. On your first visit, you meet a king and he introduces
March 25, 2017

No Man Sky: Portals

I   W A N T   T O   B E L I E V E   -   C O N T R O V E R S I A L   G A M E   N O   M A N   S K Y   H O L D S  M O R E   T H A N   A   F E W   S E C R E T S . . . .         - .
March 20, 2017

Legion: Can’t See The Wood From The Trees

I love the Legion TV series by FOX. For those unaware the show is based on a Marvel Comic Character: Legion. Legion, a part of the X-Men Franchise,  is one of the most powerful characters in the whole