I have experience in offering One-to-One and Classroom based IT training programs. Being a part the rollout of large scale IT infrastructures (Local Councils) and implementing new ways of working (for small businesses) has generated direct experience in:

  • Creating Manuals (for admin), User Guides, Quick Guides & Tutorials
  • Developing Training Programmes (Hour long, half-day & full-day)
  • Floorwalking

Adapting training as necessary depending on IT experience and purpose.




Business Analyst


Plenty of experience analysing and collating relevant data for local council government submissions and medium sized companies. Primarily using Excel and Visual Basic I have worked with a number of entities (Including NHS, Police, Council Government, big data APIs) to report building on a wide scale and granular level. Examples of by Business Analyst work includes.

  • Government Submissions (Using Social Care frameworks, Businesss Objects, One Oracle and more)
    • Troubled Families Initiative
    • SSDA903 CIN Census
    • Day-to-Day Reports
  • Day-to-Day reporting (Using Excel , Power BI & Business Objects)
    • Daily Operations
  • Financial data
    • End of Year
    • Invoicing
    • Referals

All of this includes reporting and, if nessesary, building sustainable procedures that ensure this data remains accurate and as ubitquitous as possible. For example: One business requested a constant stream of information regarding jobs offer of a particular type. As a solution a program was created that automatically queries big job companies (, monster and so on) and merges them into one detailed, yet easy to read list.




Microsoft Office 365 Deployment/Consultancy


Also provide Microsoft Office 365 implementation as a consultant. Sharepoint in particular has been trained, rolled out and customised for 2 departments within Croydon Council: Business Support and Children in Need. With training and guide writing included. In addition, implementation and rollout has been commissioned by two small companies also, including Azure Active Directory with Single Sign-On. It is a huge passion and importance to a “Work from Anywhere” securely mentality.





Building a website and a cohesive online presence another passion that brings enjoyment. Non-conformity while maintain effectiveness. Work such as this can only speak for itself, so please visit portfolio and blogs to see examples of work that include the following languages.