Everybody Wants To Be Poppy


Everybody Wants To Be Poppy

I personally have a soft spot for media that deals with the meta , recursive or subversive. Pop star That Poppy ticks all three of those boxes. This is my newspaper place-line.

It is advised to watch all videos on this page: Total run time: 14min


 Most pop artists today and in the future, are conceptual. The concept of Poppy is a collaborative effort including: musician and director Titanic Sinclair and stylist Samantha Burkhart . Like many musicians and stars of today and the future. Poppy started by displaying her talent through cover songs uploaded to youtube.com .This is my introduction.

You should follow Poppy on social media; she appreciates her fans and followers. You should also watch her videos on YouTube.com/ ThatPoppyTV . Poppy has almost a cult like following. Lady Gaga has “little monsters”, Nikki Minaj has “barbies”, Justin Beiber has “belibers”, Arriana Grande has “Arianators”, Beyonce has “the beyhive”. Poppy’s favourite thing is her fans. My favourite thing about Poppy is her subversive music.  I like subversion. This is my lead.





I also enjoy writing long form articles on my website crossandcrown.co.uk . Long form articles come with a different level of kudos that uploading videos to YouTube.com does not have. Boris Johnson used to write columns. George Osborne is a Cheif Editor. They both lack journalism degrees and are very powerful and influencial men in the United Kingdom. Just like Katy Perry is an influencial pop artist. Breitbart, Huffington Post,  The Independent and Metro collate a lot of articles; mostly on the internet. They are powerful entities. People place more faith in words written on paper, especially newspapers. Similar to how people place more faith in the morality of celebrities. But in the future: paper doesn’t exist. In the future: anybody can have their own newspaper. It is called digital journalism. 



All articles written require a lot of work, and research and citations.  All are almost identical in structure. They also have a bias and agendas. The bias and agenda of this article is how good Poppy and Titanic Sinclair are as artists. We should be proud of their progressive media. This article will provide strong sources to prove this. Some articles like to appear balanced, so this article may include weak sources as counterpoints. These are my facts.





To conclude: I have explained why Poppy is the greatest popstar. I have written more than three paragraphs so you do not have to read the content to believe it. Just quote the title in conversation.  I do not sell advertising space and bias like normal journalism. Regardless, I have written an article so you should buy the products, services, brands , perspectives and culture I am selling. The Cross & Crown. You should employ The Cross & Crown.


I would go into more detail…but I wouldn’t get the retweets . The timing of this article is too crucial. I would have written about something important that happened. But I can’t give analysis with a full beard without being put on a list. Sorry.

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