I’m Poppy


I’m Poppy

A year ago I wrote about subversive media and how Everybody Wants to Be Poppy. Now I try to investigate the meaning behind the message.

It is advised to watch all videos on this page: Total run time: 14min

 Most pop artists today and in the future, are conceptual. The concept of Poppy is a collaborative effort including: musician and director Titanic Sinclair and stylist Samantha Burkhart amongst others. Like many musicians and stars of today and the future. Poppy has at least 1 YouTube video well on its way to 100million views. Lowlife.[edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= “” entry_delay= “” entry_duration= “” entry_timing= “” exit_animation_type= “hinge” exit_delay= “0” exit_duration= “5” exit_timing= “cubic-bezier(0.445, 0.05, 0.55, 0.95)” animation_repeat= “1” keep= “yes” animate_on= “scroll” scroll_offset= “75” custom_css_class= “”][edsanimate_end]

 Everyone follows certain ideologies in life. The concept of Poppy, at surface level, is demanding the viewer to assimilate with technology and the idea of popstar dom . Poppy places such superfluous things in high regard while gaining success in the real world and her own scripted reality. Like the popstars before her it serves as a subversive warning to her demographic regarding the pitfalls of a loss of identity.


Beyond this, there are increasingly unsettling themes Titanic Sinclair plays with. The power and influence of new technologies such as Instagram and YouTube on the human psyche .Its ability to warp reality. The elevation of the YouTube star, many young enough to have never experienced employment, perceived as immortal gods living forever on the internet. The shadowy entities that manipulate these forces to their own will. Brainwashing.


All the

 posturing, photography and sound scaping , require a lot of work, research and citations.  All are almost identical in structure to the point of drowning out Poppy’s manicured soliloquies  . A modern meta self manifestation to prove Poppy and Titanic Sinclair are artists in every context of the word. The art at it’s core being a rigid pattern and its gradual perversion. The creativity stemming from others.  [To break the illusion] . Collaborating with the Polysomnographists at Washington University School of Medicine , a voice coach for speech cadence, Japanese producers.  Quality and niche professionals are key to executing Titanic Sinclair’s vision. In that sense and others, Titanic is less akin to Andy Warhol as he secretly thinks he is. Warhol’s reliance on pop being  temporary varied subjects  producing a  plethora of similar content . Sinclair mearly using one trope repeatedly  as a tool to both display, force and  comment on assimilation in media. I digress. Alas, these are my facts.




To conclude: I have explained why Poppy is the greatest popstar. Utilising Warhol’s imprecise pallette, in a internet era, we are taken on a wild ride with no particular conclusion or definite position. Try joining the Occult. Create a cult. Don’t join a cult. Maybe follow Poppy on Instagram. Watch years worth of bi-weekly videos. Actually…..don’t.  Just enjoy the parts of Poppy that appeal to your nature and buy Tide every now and then.


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