Below is a 20 minute video that may be of interest to you. It is in relation to the Liquid Logic Social Care platform and how Microsoft Office365 (SharePoint in particular) can assist in both the rollout and maintenance of said platform.

Serving multiple years as a Business Analyst, Trainer and Floorwalker for Liquid Logic project deployment and post go live, I have experienced regular issues with.

  • The organisation of documents.
    • End user documents (training)
    • Configuration documents such as workflows
    • Stakeholder documents, such as meetings
    • Lack of consistency in file organisation
    • Lack of document templating
  • Project Management
    • Sign off processes (accountability)
    • Logs and Timelines (history)
    • History of communication (meetings/notes)

I have created two SharePoint templates that will allievate said issues (Basic functionality covered in the first 10 minutes of the video). Essentially the structure is there. All it requires is a manager to decide which elements to use, short training video for those who use it, and a Business Support Officer to ensure the integrity of the system.

Above is the example of the contextual document template functionality. Here we see document templates available in a contextual fashion, dependant on area. So all stakeholders documents available in one place. Easily distinguishable. Even easier to organise into particular views. No more running wild with folders within folders. All content uploaded will be organised into an easily digestible format.

For those interested in deployment functionality this can be demonstrated on request. Of course each element can be turned on an off as necessary. For example, helpdesk features may not be necessary for all organisations that already use third party programs.

If you have made it this far. I assume that this intruiges you. This page is hidden on my website so I must have emailed it to you directly. If you are still interested in how this can fit into your organisation or deployment. Please respond to my email or give me a call on 0208132555

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.