Manage your Maintenance Business


Manage your Maintenance Business

Projects is one of the lists to be updated. This can be done en-mass with Quick Edit . You can associate clients and staff to a project so they can see relevant details. Project Next Action column automates the next logical action for you: Create a Quote, Create Invoice, Complete Project.

Keep your projects updated via lists
Detailed information including visits

Below are document folders for Clients. These folders organise themselves. Once a client is added to a separate list, a document folder is generated for them. Once you create a quote for a project (see above), a word document template is automatically generated in the client folder, based on previous information.  These documents can be syncronised to your device (mobile, laptop, tablet) and treated like any other folder/office document on your device

These documents have approval / sign off statuses.  We also have Sign Off Actions: Automatically emailing  PDF versions of documents, providing sign off details, with two clicks. 

Below is a list for manging individual tasks. Non-mandatory.  Rows are colour coded for easy viewing. Red = Overdue. Yellow = Due to start. Green = Complete.

Activity tasks can be assigned to staff members for them to mark as in progress and complete (Task Next Action).

Within the application (for Laptop, Mobile, Tablet Appstore download), you will be able to manage everything in one controlled space. Including the lists displayed above,  your documents, your emails, automatically generated reports, task management and calendars.

Multiple reports can be accessed with ease. They are updated instantly based on how the lists and your documents are updated.

Below is a project overview report to see the location and status of projects.

There are also calendar views of said lists, to give a more visual view of your staff schedules. Update the Project Activity Log above, and it will be automatically generated as shifts assigned to your desired member of staff. Categorised appropriately.

Below is an example of a more advanced activity management system if you manage multiple teams/staff and projects. In short, like before, update the Project Activity Log list showed above and this Planner will be automatically generated. Staff members will be notified either via message or email of upcoming/overdue/completed tasks. Project managers can also be notified when things are complete.