I wrote a book


I wrote a book

Actually in 2016 I wrote two books. One on Office 365 for personal use, the other, a non-fiction look into the history and current situation of my home city: Croydon, told through it’s artists old and new.

Above is the picture without the sleeve, but the point isn’t to highlight my literary skills, there is something unique about this book….something that has *never* been done before.  And I do  mean never. But before I  explain let me give a little background. The title: “Experiments in Art & Technology After Fairfield Halls” is an homage to an Art book published by Whitechapel Gallery in conjunction with their art exhibition held in 2016: Electronic Superhighway: From Experiments in Art & Technology After the Internet.

It is a great book, and as a tech nerd, the exhibition most definitely spoke to me.

But to keep on track, the exhibition title, From Experiments in Art & Technology After the Internet is an homage to a collective active last century called E.A.Ts . Experiments in Art and technology

so and so

So what makes this book worthy of such a meta reference? The book itself is an experiment in art and technology. The art in question is  “street art” or graffiti within the London Borough of Croydon. The technology involved is both Near Field Communication and Bluetooth.  Both of these technology constitute what is called The Internet of Things. While [literally] a handful of Near Field communication books are in existence; this is the only bluetooth enabled book in existence.

While The Internet of things is used to pass basic information to users. Within the book Near Field Communication and Bluetooth help to bring additional and separate perspectives to the story held within. The idea being that it becomes another form of communication beyond the text and pictures. The book can be understood and consumed without a mobile phone….but with an internet enabled phone a complete situation is portrayed.